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Fairfield Fins Swim Team

Neighborhood swimming at its best since 1994

Days until first practice of 2018:


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Fins Parent Reps:

Julie Morris

Michael White


It is hard to believe, but swim practices begin in two weeks on THURSDAY MAY 10th!! If you have not yet registered for the team, it is not too late! Contact one of the parent reps and we can get your child registered. 


Before School Ends 

5p-6p: ages 10 and under
6p-7:30p: ages 11 and up

After School Ends:
8a-9a: ages 10 and under
9a-10:30a: 1ages 11 and up

4:30p-6p: ages 11 and up
6p-7p: ages 10 and under

Looking forward to another great summer swim season!

Julie and Michael


Julie Morris:

Michael White:


2018 Parent Representatives

Fairfield Fins

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