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Fairfield Fins Swim Team

Neighborhood swimming at its best since 1994

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. Meets have a thousand moving parts and would not be possible without YOU!

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Date Time Opponent Location RSVP Volunteer!
May 29,2018 TBD Mock Meet Fairfield Not yet available Not yet available
June 02,2018 9:00 AM Hope Valley Farms Fairfield Not yet available Not yet available
June 11,2018 6:00 PM JCC Fairfield Not yet available Not yet available
June 16,2018 9:00 AM Umstead Pines Fairfield Not yet available Not yet available
June 20,2018 6:00 PM Garrett Farms Garrett Farms Not yet available Not yet available
June 27,2018 6:00 PM Croasdaile Croasdaile Not yet available Not yet available
July 08,2018 TBD DSSL Championships Not yet available Not yet available
July 04,2018 9:00 AM 4th of July Celebration Fairfield Not yet available Not yet available

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Fairfield Fins Volunteer Position Descriptions

Timer -- as the name implies this position keeps time for a single lane for the duration of the meet using a stop watch provided by the team. There are always two timers for each lane -- one for each team and in addition the head time provides a back-up should the watch malfunction. No experience is necessary.

Head Timer -- this individual is in charge of timing for the meet. He or she runs a brief meeting before the meet to ensure everyone is familiar with the watches and timing procedures. During the meet the head timer keeps a watch going and assists the timers if there is a problem. Generally an experience timer will fill this position.

Clerk of Course -- this is a great position for anyone who wants to get to know the kids. The clerks of course work together to make sure the kids are lined up and ready to go before their heats. We need three clerks for home meets.

Place Judge -- place judges work in tandem with a parent from the other team. There are a pair of place judges on either side of the pool. In each pair one person calls out the order of finish by lane number and the other person writes it down. This is not a difficult job and you get a primo spot to see all the finishes!

Runner -- this is a great job for someone who wants to get some exercise. Runners do exactly that (well actually since we're poolside they walk quickly!). Runners carry time cards from swimmers to timers and then collect them from timers and take them to the scorers table. They also pick up DQ slips from stroke and turn judges. Runners normally organize themselves so that you are able to to watch your child swim between "runs".

Stroke & Turn judges -- this one you need to be trained to do.

Pool Area Setup & Cleanup -- this job helps make sure the pool area is set up before a meet and that everything is taken down after the meet. It just requires the ability to arrive by 5PM and stay for 15 or 20 minutes after the meet is over.

Heat Winner Ribbons -- this individual hands out heat winner ribbons to the winners of each individual heat. It's an easy job.

Concessions -- these individuals work selling drinks and snacks. This is generally set up outside the pool area but there are enough volunteers that you can get away when it's time to watch your child swim.

Drinks for swimmers -- This job is great for someone who knows they will need to be watching little ones during the meet. This job is to make sure that our big jugs are filled with gatorade (or whatever drinks the coaches request). It involves buying the Gatorade (you'll be reimbursed and then making sure it's mixed up in the big thermos. (Ok, first meet of the year -- you'll probably also need to wash the thermos beforehand.)

Ribbon Writer -- this is another job that is great for someone who will be busy during the meet. The only work needed during the meet is to pull the needed ribbons. Then generally within a day or two of the meet you will get labels from the statistician and those labels will need to be affixed to the appropriate ribbons. There are both personal best and place ribbons. This job can be done in the comfort of your home but you will need to be able to set aside an hour or so in the day or two after the meet to get it done.